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yaw dir kyoom odom monotone

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Graph Legend:

Datapoints: Your actual reported data. The color shows how much safety buffer you have.
Green: 7+ days of safety buffer,
Blue: 2 days of safety buffer,
Orange: 1 day of safety buffer,
Red: beemergency!
Akrasia Horizon: This line is a week away from now. You can only make changes in the steepness of the bright red line beyond the akrasia horizon.
Optimistic projection: An optimistic view of progress, i.e., a view of your data through rose-colored glasses. It shows your inexorable march towards your goal. If you're bouncing around it just shows you flat. When you go down (or whichever direction your goal is), it shows you that right away.
Moving average: This is an exponentially weighted moving average with smoothing constant 0.25. It shows the overall trend of your data, but lagged. If most of your daily numbers are below this trend line then you are inexorably dragging it down.
Polynomial fit trend: Think of this as a very thick line charting your progress or an aura around your actual data. (Technically it's a polynomial fit of your data.) It gives you a sense of your true trend.
Yellow guidelines: These thin yellow lines indicate the good side of the bright red line. The green line demarcates 7 days of safety buffer. (If you keep your safety buffer at 7 days or higher then you're immune to being stung. If anything comes up, just flatten your bright red line. It will take effect after the 7-day akrasia horizon but since you have that much safety buffer, you're golden!)
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